Paediatric First Aid Articles

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From 1 October, children will have access to a spare emergency inhaler at school

After almost 4 years of campaigning by Asthma UK, the law is changing to keep children with asthma safe at school. From 1 October, children will have access to a spare emergency inhaler at school.

Sign your school or club for free video online first aid training

Student First Aid is designed to teach first aid to secondary school students throughout the UK while overcoming the time and cost obstacles with which schools are often faced.

What is the latest news on the new CPR/BLS guidelines 2015 for children and infants?

The new guidelines for paediatric basic life support will be updated on the 15th October 2015. The changes are amended every 5 years by ILCOR, ERC and the UK Resus Council.

Whooping cough may be evolving to outsmart the currently used vaccine, say researchers

Analysis of strains from 2012 shows the parts of the pertussis bacterium that the vaccine primes the immune system to recognise are changing. It may have "serious consequences" in future outbreaks, UK researchers state in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

How do I refresh my Paediatric First Aid Annually?

There are recommendations to annually refresh first aid skills, how do I do it? The ProTrainings paediatric annual refresher course is the perfect solution to complete annual skill reviews online or face to face.