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We're now going to look at how to immobilize a dislocated shoulder. Now, with a dislocated shoulder, we want to stop the movement coming out this way and also the movement of the arm and put into a rested position. The first thing we do is apply a sling. For this, just take the standard slings in your first aid kits. 90-degree corner by the elbow. Just place that underneath the arm, bring that up, tie that round behind the back. Just check that's all level. 

Then we take a second triangular bandage, but this time with it, just make it into one long bandage and then put that around the body, and what we're doing here is holding the elbow in place. We're trying it at the back. What's happened here is the arm is now in a steady, level position so it's not going to bend. This bandage across here is to stop this movement outward, so it makes it much easier to then transport them to the emergency medical services.