Paediatric 12 Hour First Aid Level 3 (VTQ) - Online Blended Part 1

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Heart Attack and Strokes an Introduction

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We're now going to go through a couple of videos on heart attacks and strokes. Now, in most cases, we're just really talking about adults who would suffer from these, but in some cases, children can have strokes and also heart conditions can still apply to children. So, on these videos, we're dealing directly with adults. As a childminder or someone looking after children or a parent, it may well be that the parent, that's the parents of the child or the grandparents may be there. And you may well have to deal with one of these life-threatening conditions.

If you are finding yourself having to deal with someone with a heart attack or a stroke, then it's not just the person who you're dealing with, you may need to look after. It may well be that the person you're dealing with is a child in your care has grandparents or parents. So not only are you managing the patient, but you also may well have to manage the children. So it may well be that in the case of a stroke, the grandparent may be very worried or scared, or maybe doesn't want the child there or to see them in this state. So have a think through on the best ways of managing everything that's going on. Now calling emergency service is straightforward and easy and sometimes you can make that call and maybe in some cases, the child can also make the call or give a commentary on what's actually happening. But number one ensures that the patient is safe, but also any child in your care is also safe while you're dealing with this emergency.