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Severe Asthma

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Severe Asthma: Challenges in Diagnosis and Management

Severe asthma, affecting approximately 5% of asthma patients, presents unique management challenges due to its resistance to standard therapies and frequent severe symptoms.

Characteristics of Severe Asthma

Severe asthma is often therapy-resistant, leading to more frequent and intense symptoms and a higher likelihood of serious asthma attacks.

Persistent Symptoms in Severe Asthma

  • Chronic Breathlessness: Continuous struggle with breathing.
  • Frequent Severe Attacks: Increased susceptibility to life-threatening asthma attacks.

Emergency Medical Intervention

Severe asthma attacks often necessitate immediate medical attention and potential hospitalization.

Diagnosing Severe Asthma

Determining if an individual has severe asthma involves comprehensive testing and evaluation in a specialist setting.

Diagnostic Process for Severe Asthma

  • Assessment of Underlying Conditions: Examination for other medical issues contributing to asthma severity.
  • Response to Medications: Testing effectiveness of various asthma treatments.

Role of Specialist Asthma Clinics

Specialized clinics with multidisciplinary teams are essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for severe asthma.

Understanding Asthma Fluctuations

Recognizing that asthma severity can vary over time is crucial. Not all symptom flare-ups indicate severe asthma; they may represent temporary exacerbations.