Paediatric 12 Hour First Aid Level 3 (VTQ) - Online Blended Part 1

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Strep A Infections in Children

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In this video, we will have a brief look at an infection that is in the news called Strep A.

Strep A infections, also known as streptococcal infections, are caused by a type of bacteria called Streptococcus Pyogenes. These infections are common in children and can range in severity from mild sore throats to more serious conditions like pneumonia or sepsis. Symptoms of Strep A infections in children can include fever, sore throats, swollen glands in the neck, and red and swollen tonsils. Children may also experience stomach pain, headaches and a rash on the body. If left untreated, a Strep A infection can lead to more serious complications like pneumonia, sepsis or kidney inflammation.

It is important for parents to be aware of the symptoms of Strep A infection and seek medical attention if their child is experiencing any of them. A doctor can perform a rapid Strep test or a throat culture to diagnose Strep A infections and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Treatment for Strep A infections typically involves antibiotics, which can help kill the bacteria and prevent the infection from spreading. It is important for children to finish the entire course of antibiotics, even if they are feeling better, to ensure that the infection is completely cleared.