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Paediatric reporting and consent

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Caring for children can involve reporting accidents or injuries that did not occur in the childcare setting. This could include injuries or possible signs of abuse. When providing information it is very important to put aside your personal opinion and give clear, concise information that is based on the facts.

We covered some of the reporting responsibilities in other videos, however, you may find that you not only have to report to Ofsted but also the Health and Safety Executive which is abbreviated to HSE. The HSE is responsible for the investigation of accidents at work,  Ofsted is more focused on the well-being of a child in the setting.

The local authority may also need to be notified as they monitor and approve the setting. They will be able to advise you on what you need to do and give you guidance.

Social workers and Child protection offices may be involved in a case and you may have to provide them with information and answer any questions they may have.

In some cases, the Police may take action and you could be asked to provide a witness statement.

Parents or Guardians may also have questions for you. These may be about incidents or simply to find out if you have any concerns.

Finally, before you talk to anyone or pass on any data about a child in your care, you must make sure that the information you are passing on will not put you in breach of the Data Protection Act. Data Protection ensures that information about any individual is shared only when it is absolutely necessary and then only to certain individuals and organisations, in certain circumstances.   In the case of an investigation, you may have to report fully. If you are not sure, please ask for advice.