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This is the Accuhaler. It is a different type of inhaler. Rather than aerosol, it works with powders. It is a round device, and this particular one is blue, it is used for an asthma emergency. There is a counter on here - which is set to zero at the minute because it is a training version - but you would be able to see how many doses are actually left in the unit. To use it, you hold it in a horizontal position or in a vertical position. You put your thumb and twist it open - that has activated the unit. There is a mouthpiece here. You seal your mouth close around there. Breathe out fully and once you have breathed out fully you can seal your mouth around here, and then you breathe in. That will take the powder directly into your lungs. Once you have done that, you can close and reset the unit by literally pushing this button on the side down, and closing the unit fully. Now it is ready for use for the next time. With this type of inhaler, the types of things which can go wrong in the sense of not delivering the drug very well is not breathing out fully beforehand. Therefore you are not breathing in so much to get the drug in. Maybe poor maintenance, the unit is damaged - so keep it in a nice safe place. Or sometimes people breathe in in little bits; it has got to be one long breath in and that is the most effective way of getting the drugs into the system.