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In this course, we have looked at training auto-injectors within the examples. So now we are going to have a look at the actual units. So once you've taken it out of the cardboard packaging, the Jext has a little tab, and you just lift the tab and that will expose the end of the auto-injector. And when you take that out, and inside here also are some instructions on how to use it. The EpiPen slightly different, you've just got a tab, yellow tab, and you push that with your thumb, and again then the actual hole of the auto-injector will come out.

Now, the drugs in these are light sensitive. So, you see both of these cases are designed to protect the auto-injector against UV sunlight. So it's very important that you keep the auto-injectors in these plastic cases. So don't ever be tempted just to leave this in your bag. You need to make sure it's in the box at all times, and with the cap safely in place. The other thing, always make sure that if you're storing these, you keep them within their operating temperatures. And just to show you that the examples we have used with training auto-injectors in these films, is the same as the live units. If we just look at the EpiPen here, you'll see it's actually the same front, the same sort of colour, it still has the blue cap on the end, so you can take the cap off and that's now ready to use.

So, if you've taken the cap off by accident, you can then just pop that back on. Just be very careful at all times not to put your hand over on the needle end, to always hold it in your hand this way. And also you can check the instructions on the back. The Jext works exactly the same way. Again, you'll see it's exactly the same as when we have used the training auto-injectors, cap on the end, you can remove that cap to use it, if you need to put it back and you haven't used it, then just simply pop that back in place, and then that's fine. And if you have got it out and then you realise you don't need it for any reason, pop it back into the case, once it's in the case, make sure you clip the lid over. And exactly the same with the EpiPen, open up the case and pop it back in and seal it off. And this is how you would then store and transport the auto-injectors.