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Using Jext Auto-Injector: Anaphylaxis Treatment

Jext Auto-Injector Dosages

Two Dosage Options:

The Jext auto-injector offers two dosage options with no physical differences:

  • Jext 150: Designed for individuals weighing approximately 15-30 kilograms.
  • Jext 300: Designed for individuals weighing over 30 kilograms.

Understanding the Jext Auto-Injector

Activation and Safety:

The Jext unit features a yellow cap on the top. Removing the cap activates the device. If the cap is accidentally removed without intent to use, carefully reattach it without touching the black end, where the needle emerges.

Clear Usage Instructions:

Instructions with illustrative images are provided on the side of the Jext, guiding users through the injection process.

Needle End Identification:

The black end of the Jext is where the needle is located, with a marked arrow indicating 'needle end' for clarity.

Status Indicators:

The Jext unit has two windows:

  • Red: Ready for use
  • Green: Already used

The drug itself can be observed through another window, appearing clear and colourless. Any presence of precipitates or discolouration indicates the need for a replacement Jext.

Shelf Life and Expiry Alert:

A typical Jext auto-injector has a shelf life of approximately two years, manufacturer-dependent. You can sign up for an Expiry Alert Service on the Jext website. Always check the expiry date before use.

Obtaining a Replacement:

To replace your Jext auto-injector, whether it has expired or been used, visit your doctor for a repeat prescription. The Jext is lightweight and easy to transport, similar in weight to a standard whiteboard marker.

Using the Jext Auto-Injector

Proper Administration:

Follow these steps to use your Jext auto-injector:

  1. Sit down and hold the Jext in your dominant hand.
  2. Ensure the black end faces downward, with the yellow cap on top.
  3. Remove the cap by pulling upwards.
  4. Place the black end against your thigh and push it inwards, counting to 10.
  5. Gently pull upwards to cover the needle automatically.
  6. Rub the injection site for at least 10 seconds to aid rapid drug absorption.
  7. Lay the unit down and provide it to emergency services upon their arrival.
Learning Outcomes:
  • IPOSi Unit four LO6.1, 6.2 & 6.3